The Lady of Shall Not (ladyofshallnot) wrote in little_details,
The Lady of Shall Not

Losing eyes and gaining limps

I've gotten some information about this from my mother, the Medical Profesional, but I'm sick of getting those 'do I have to take the sharp objects away?' looks.

1) In Fictional Country, traitors are punished by having their left eye cut out and that half of their face 'branded'. What would be the best way to remove an entire eye without killing the person? Severe loss of blood and chance of infection is a-okay. After that there's a red hot branding iron involved, so would this cauterization help the would or would the icky branding iron thing just speed along infection?

2) I need to give one of my fanfic characters a limp. Alas, in the country he exists in they have magical healers, and he has a magical horse of fastness. So, if in theory he was locked in a room by himself for three days, what is the best way to give him a permanent limp? It will be inflicted by another person, and they really don't mind doing things that make you go 'ouch'.

Mom recommends cutting a chunk out of his leg and letting it get infected so it can't heal right, but I'm not sure how well that would work with the healers. Characters in this canon do have permanent injuries like limps, however, so I know there's some way to do it.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order
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