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SAG guidelines and the US legal system

two questions from my roommate

1. What are SAG rules/guidelines that dictate whether an actor becomes a Regular Cast member or a Guest Star? Particularly when a guest star is invovled in an important season-long, multi-episode arc, and may in fact be featured in nearly as many episodes as a regular cast member of less importance.

Why is Doug Savant* listed as a guest star on Desperate Housewives when he a) is Lynette's husband and b) has been featured in nearly every episode while Jesse Metcalfe who is arguably not as important and hasn't been in as many episodes (or maybe the same amount as Savant, I can't remember--regardless, he's gotten less screentime over the year) is listed as regular cast. I mean, obviously, acting ability is not a factor, so I'm thinking there's got to be a ridiculously complex rubric for this.

*imdb says Savant will be listed as regular cast beginning in season 2

2. This is much more vague but she's looking for a good description of the process a person goes through from the time they are arrested through the trial and possibly appeal.
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