KayJay (firesignwriter) wrote in little_details,

18th century medical question

Say I've got a shrimpy 12-year-old boy in the early 18th century Americas who's been stabbed in the lower back by a bayonet a couple of times. Is he gonna make it? If so, what's the doc gonna do to treat him, will he get some sorta drug (an opiate?) during/after treatment, and how long might recovery take? If not...

Say I've got a shrimpy 12-year-old with a slash rather than some punctures. What would be used for sutures? Any hope of pain-relief via drug while he's getting stitched up, or should he just try to pass out?

ETA: Just had a few quick words with a doctor who knows a teensy bit about 18th century medicine (though not bayonets, so we went with the generic "he was stabbed by a knife"). He seemed to think the kid might have a reasonable chance if no major arteries were cut and the wounds were cauterized with something like gunpowder (which might lessen the possibility of infection a bit). He put recovery time at around a month, if everything went well.
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