Mayhem Wench (mayhemwench) wrote in little_details,
Mayhem Wench

Devil's Acre and San Francisco Slang in 1905

Okay, I've tried Google, my local library, and the usual suspects (Wikipedia, etc.), and I'm drawing a blank. You folks were so helpful with my questions about tricking the devil, I figured I'd try again.

I need info on:
- Devil's Acre, San Francisco, CA (I can find it on a map and know it was home to several brothels, but can't find much else except book reviews for stuff set in London, England)
- street slang, preferably that used by the lower classes, in SF, CA

Both circa 1905 - early 1906 (immediately prior to the earthquake).

I found this, which is helpful:

I'm looking for things specifically from San Francisco, though. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! I'm on dial-up and sharing a computer right now, so even though I'll try I may not be able to respond to everything (I'm really sorry if this ends up being the case), but I'd appreciate any help I can get.

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