Sarah (capturedribbons) wrote in little_details,

Basic Southern(Us) Dialect

I have been watching this group since its start or so and tried to help when I could (though in most cases when I did have some information I was also too slow and so I’d just be repeating) however, until now I haven't had any questions. My question is: what are some words that are used for objects in the South that may not be used in the North(United States to be exact)? Any words, really, that you wouldn’t hear in the North but would once you reach Sweet Tea country?

I admit I am a horrid person, not picking these things up and living in South Carolina myself, but I know I miss things or just don’t realize that they aren’t called that elsewhere because it’s normal to me. Also my speech patterns, typically, reflect a more northern choice words because of my parents and their own so perhaps that either explains it or makes me that much more oblivious.

Examples that have noticed for my general area:

Outdoor house hook up thing = Spigot
Cart (Shopping cart) = Buggy
Hose = Hosepipe
Bucket of water = Pail
Pop/coke = Soda
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