Kat B. (toobusy2write) wrote in little_details,
Kat B.

Human food buffets & cock rings (unrelated)

Hi, it's my first time posting here and I have two very different questions that I'm hoping someone can answer for a couple of stories I'm writing:

1) Human food buffets...or something.  I saw this somewhere and I have *no* idea where now, except that it was on TV.  It was a restaurant where some of the staff were, for lack of a better description, serving platforms.  They lay on a long table in next to nothing -- or nothing, I can't be sure -- with wide leaves or strips of cloth or something laid out on top of them strategically, and food laid on top of that.  The people who came to the restaurant sat down at these tables and helped themselves to the food lying on top of the person.  I tried googling this but came up with nothing.  If anyone knows of/has been to a place like this, could you describe it for me?  I.E., what's this type of restaurant called, what the people who lie there with the food on them are called, how it works, what they wear/don't wear, what kinds of foods are served in a place like this, where these kinds of restaurants are located in the US (I'm assuming large cities of course, but I would like to know if it's an East coast or a West coast thing, or somewhere else maybe?), how expensive a meal there runs, how well paid the people who lie there with the food on them are, and are they tipped at all?


2) Cock rings.  Specifically, the metal kind that don't have a quick release. For example, if a guy were to put one on and then get hard and discovered after the fact that the cock ring was too small (he didn't have any prior experience with them and didn't realize they come in different sizes), could it prevent him from getting soft again?  And if so, would he even be able to ejaculate?  I know that normally he would still be able to do both eventually if the cock ring fit right.  What I need to know is if there's a scenario that would prevent him from getting soft enough to get it off, and possible keep him from getting off all together (besides taking a drug like Viagra).  Also, if it's possible for something like that to happen and he had to go to the ER, how do they remove it?  With some type of lubricant?  Or would they need to somehow cut through the ring?

Any information on either of these things would be a big help to me, so thanks in advance!

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