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I swear I'll shut up soon. >D

Yet another off-topic update!

As you may have seen, the community finally has its own icon! Which I am unreasonably proud of, as I made it myself, which is why it sucks so badly. (In a very quiet hint, if anyone with access to Batty pictures and a decent amount of icon-making talent and wishes to donate better snarky icons to the community, I them, I guess.)

Also, we now have three lovely co-maintainers! shoiryu, rackhamrose, and ladybirdsleeps are the particularly special kinds of friends that will smack me with bricks if I'm too much of an idiot, so naturally I have entrusted them with all of my semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic admin powers. ladybirdsleeps was more than happy to validate my judgement by immediately running rampant and deleting me from the community--but she invited me back again, so you know that you're in good and only slightly megalomaniacal hands!

Seriously, though, they're great ladies and they're here to help. (Specifically, if anybody decides to abuse the privilege of the anonymous posting feature which I have left on to enable discreet answers to the touchier question topics(drugs, sex, medical issues), they will fight amongst themselves over the right to abuse and ban you.)

I think that's about it for the update. I'm off to write fic, and then I'm going to have to wade through all these questions and catch up with the memory archiving. You leave for one weekend and look at what happens.

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