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being gay in the uk in 1982 (early days of the aides crisis.)

i’m currently writing a story about a 22 year old bisexual man in early 1982 london. he's very involved in gay liberation and women's rights movements and street activism (participates in marches and volunteer work etc) and in the lgbt scene at the time. he's a member of a small time classic rock band that plays in college parties and bars and such.

the story im writing doesn't have a lot of plot per se, it's mostly a meandering day to day life story about a bisexual young man in 1982 london. i have a number of questions that i couldn't find the answer to: when did the disease start to affect the day to day life of a gay man in london? when did it become a topic of conversation, when did people start dying at a noticeable rate for the average gay man, and what were the effects that it had in how the community moved during that time? did people stop going to gay clubs and bars or did the flow dip and rise over time? when did people begin spreading information about safe sex and protected sex, and what were the ways people spread that information? Pamphlets, papers, magazines? was it distributed by gay rights activists or organizations before the government started educating people on aides in ‘86? i read it was officially named ‘the gay plague’ for a period of six months in ‘82, but not when it was first called that and when it was officially renamed aides, and whether the newspapers reported on it during that time at all.

i've researched the topic for weeks now and found a very useful documentary (here) and a number of articles that talk about the progression of the disease and what it was like to live in the mid eighties as a gay man. i've also started reading The Band Played On by Randy Shilts, but it’s set in the US primarily and i don’t know how much i can draw from it. i found very little information about what it was like in the early eighties and less that was specifically about the uk, and what i found covered it in broad strokes without the level of detail i need to write a fully immersive story. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you. 


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