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Pre-wedding customs 1930s British aristocracy?

Hello, you have all been so helpful with my prior books. I'm a bit stuck on the new one.

The setting is an English country house in 1933, in the week or so before a wedding between 2 minor aristocratic families.

Google is no help, as it's swamped by the wedding industry churning generic content to drive sales.

I've read a number of period etiquette books, but they are primarily directed at middle-class hosts, or guests invited to a posh affair, and focus on invitations or what to wear.

I've read a lot of the Times archive and researched British Pathe, but these are more about clothes, flowers, and who was there.

What I'm interested in is whether they would be having similar types of events and parties as a modern couple- such as a rehearsal, with a dinner following. Would a "stag night" for the groom be expected/recognized, or would it be just unplanned rowdiness? Would there be a semiformal luncheon for the bridesmaids, as is customary in parts of the US?

I think I need primary sources of behind-the scenes memoirs/diaries or letters, but I'm not sure where to start looking for them.

Basically I want a sense of what's expected, what's protocol vs individual choice, and what would seem strange or Bad Form/Not Done.
Tags: 1930-1939, uk: history (misc), ~weddings

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