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Stab wound/hemothorax treatment in early 1700s

I'll put this behind a cut in case people don't want to read medical stuff.

Setting is Venice (Italy) in ~1710s, fantasy. The character is a physician who is able to use magic. His magic specifically deals with infectious disease and the treatment and prevention thereof, and infections in general. He is attacked and gets stabbed once in the right side of his chest, which results in a serious right-sided hemothorax. The character is able to get back to his home (he has medical equipment at home), and is still conscious and able to speak and thus could, if needed, direct someone else to help him out.

What sort of treatment(s) were done for stab wounds at this time? I've got info from the 1300s, and then info from the late 1800s. I would hope that there was at least SOME advancement between the 1300s and early 1700s but I do realize that may not be the case. I just don't know where/how to find out. I know modern treatment is a chest tube in most cases, did they do something similar back then?
What sort of after-effects might he experience once he's healed up (ie scarring in the pleural cavity)? He does not need to worry about infection, since he's got magic to combat that, but he has to rely on the current state of medicine for healing of wounds, pain control, etc.

(I'm a vet tech so feel free to throw medical terms at me! We treat hemothorax in animals pretty much the same way you do in people, I gather. I'm just having trouble with historical information.)
Tags: 1710-1719, italy (misc), ~medicine: injuries: historical, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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