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Working Class Employment in Edwardian London

Googled: Working Class Edwardian London, Spinning and Weaving in Edwardian London, Textile Mills in Edwardian London

...And between getting plenty of info on Victorian England and finding out that the textile mills seem to be in Lancashire, Cheshire, etc., I'm sort of stumped.

I'm doing an OUAT AU that has Rumple showing up in Edwardian England. So we're talking about a man who presents as being in his 50s, with a permanent limp. He's a spinner and weaver by trade, but he's from a pre-industrial (fairy tale!) society. I'm trying to come up with some sort of unskilled labor he'd realistically be able to find without having to move to another city, have connections, have to pay dues up-front, etc.

I'm going to say that the year is 1905, but I can go a couple of years in either direction if there's some piece of legislation that was passed around that time that would help his prospects.

Thanks so much!
Tags: 1900-1909, uk: history (misc), uk: london, ~jobs (misc)

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