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Traditional host/hostess gifts in Scotland and England

I have a question about host/hostess gifts in Scotland and England. When googling I found ideas on "cute, unique, and clever" new ideaslike spiced nuts and a bouquet of ribbon flowers, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. I have a couple different situations that I am questioning, so it hasn't helped me with all of them.

I was raised with the idea that traditional, or no-brainer, gifts were things like wine, nice chocolates, and gifts unique to the home of the giver (for example my old roommate insisted on bringing maple candy to give to my parents when she visited us from Vermont). If the host/hostess was a close friend or family member then it was okay to give more individualized gifts to that person because you would be expected to know more about their tastes. Also noted was that if the stay was going to be longer than a few days (and you knew the person well enough) a gift certificate to a nearby supermarket or restaurant was acceptable to help offset the cost of feeding the extra guests.

I'm curious whether similar gifts are given in Scotland and England, or, if different, what types are acceptable or expected. All these situations are in the current time period and are as follows:

1) Young adult woman is traveling to meet her fiance's parents, living in Scotland, for the first time. She will be staying with them for approx. 1 week. She wants to make a good impression.

2) Middle-aged male is staying with his brother and sister-in-law for two days on a stopover on a business trip. He wants to offer the bare minimum while not being completely rude.

3) The parents, grandparents, and siblings of the woman in #1 are invited to lunch hosted by their daughter's soon-to-be inlaws. The families are very different in nature and I want to gift to be mostly traditional with something "not quite right" about one part of it. For example maybe a basket with wine, biscuits, and chocolates, but also something random like margherita mix or something.

Thank you in advance!
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