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Military command to begin

Hey everyone,
I'm back for more military stuff. Still a fantasy army roughly modelled after the Napoleonic times, but I think this might be the question of language rather than of history.

What is the common command to start? As in, "I'm done explaining what I want you to do, now start doing it". I know French and Russian militaries have it, so there must be one in English too, but I can't for the life of me find it.

Stuff I tried: Google-translating exécutez (execute, not helpful) and выполнять (implement, not helpful). Googling "common military commands", "military command to start acting", "military order to begin", "military command execute", "exécutez command English", "military command implementation"

I found "carry on", but that seems to be naval only and besides more of "continue what you were doing before I interrupted".
I also found "dismissed", but that seems to be more of "get out of my sight".

I'm looking for more of "get doing what I told you, now".
Tags: ~languages: english (misc), ~languages: english: american, ~languages: english: historical, ~languages: english: uk, ~military (misc)

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