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Facial slashing treatment & outcome in primitive tech setting

Hi, I've been lurking for a while and really appreciate the work yall do here. My scenario is pretty similar to this post but with the added wrinkle of very delayed, low-tech medical care.

I surprisingly could not find any accounts about recovery and daily life post-injury, or details about DIY and primitive treatments for "slashed mouth", "cheek cut open",  "Glasgow grin", "Chelsea smile", etc. (Especially weird was finding forum posts with instructions for a DIY Joker smile in a modern controlled environment, but not how to care for it or physiological effects.)

Setting is fantasy with a late medieval Europe & Middle East aesthetic, sub-alpine terrain in the late summer. My character is a healthy male soldier in his late 20s until he fights on the losing side of a large brawl and ends up on the lam with a civilian and disfigured with his cheek ripped open from the mouth. The edges of the wound are not clean and he won't have access to a surgeon, medical supplies, or clean living conditions for a few weeks.

1. Immediate aftermath: Without better options he'd try cauterizing the edges together, unknowingly causing infection but at least the flaps aren't flapping around. It's in-character, but I have no idea if it would actually work. I'm tempted to just shrug and pretend it does. I'm prepared to have the party get bogged down if he is put out of commission from this.

2. Long term effects: What's the likelihood of facial paralysis, loss of flexibility in the skin there, numbness, saliva production issues? I guess if I'm concerned with anything, it's that the wound should become a lasting negative consequence and not a cool bad boy scar.

Anyway, thanks in advance! It's always interesting to see others' perspectives on here. 
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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