Reynardo the Red (reynardo) wrote in little_details,
Reynardo the Red

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency radio codes, present day.

A friend1 is writing K-Pop RPF2 and requires the codes and speak they use in Seoul in the Police force when communicating by radio. As an example, in the London Met, a white male suspect would be an IC1, and in New York, a 10-64 Q would mean a foul odour odor making things unpleasant in a street.

So is there a list of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency codes they would use? In particular, she seeks the codes for

a) disturbance of the peace (in this case a bunch of people screaming and ranting)
b) priority call for ambulances
c) serious assault
d) abduction

She has searched so far for Seoul police radio codes ... Seoul emergency radio codes ... Seoul metropolitan police agency ... Seoul emergency responder codes and the same substituting South Korea for Seoul.

1. Honest! It's crazyjane13, but she can't remember her LJ logins.
2. I know. I know. This is stretching the friendship a little.
Tags: korea (misc), ~radio
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