Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote in little_details,
Marcus L. Rowland

Need a Major European Sporting or Public Event, September 1997

For my story I need a sporting event (or some other sort of big event) that would take a lot of supporters from France to Britain, or from Britain to France, in the second or third week of September 1997. There don't appear to have been any relevant football games (at least in the European League), and it's too early for Rugby so far as I can tell, any other suggestions? Any "friendly" games I might have missed?

Or some other event a lot of people might want to go to - a big-name rock concert or something?

I have a backup plan involving the Scottish National Referendum but sports etc. would work better.

Any suggestions?

Searches tried - European football 1997, Sporting events September 1997, Current events September 1997, etc.

Later - sorry, while this was going through the moderation queue I've had to change some plans for the story - this has to occur in the week or so before September 15th 1997. To clarify this a little, I'm looking for a reason for a lot of people (say a bus full) to travel into Britain from France on or before this date, so that some fugitives can slip into the country with them. Returning from a sports event or something like a rock concert, or travelling to one, seems like a good way to explain it.
Tags: 1990-1999, france (misc), uk (misc), ~sports (misc)

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