Nyssa (igbc) wrote in little_details,

Old West sunstroke

I am writing a fanfic for a Western fandom.  My character is a 30ish male, very strong and in good physical condition (to begin with). He is lost in desert conditions and is suffering from sunstroke (among other things) which has caused delirium and hallucinations.  He is also in a very weakened state due to insufficient food and water and being forced to do hard physical work for long hours every day.  His rescuers get him into shelter.  A doctor is summoned, but being a 19th-century frontier doctor, he's not necessarily much help.  What would the doctor and my character's friends do to help him?  Just give him water and try to keep him cool?  I know laudanum was used for all kinds of complaints in those days; in the absence of other drugs, would the doctor give him this?

TIA for any help!  
Tags: 1860-1869, usa: history: old west, ~medicine: historical

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