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'Passive' ways to break a bone/necessitate amputation

Setting: Vaguely medieval, realistic with no magic, technology wise, something like the Renaissance era. It is a short story (~2k words) that will be focusing on the MC's trauma, so the only important things about the setting that I can think of right now are that it is a monarchy, and the mainstream religion is polytheism, believing in a pantheon of god/esses.

Character: A 14-year-old princess-turned-queen due to the untimely death of her brother. She will have had physical training in horse-riding, but probably that's about it?

Scene: The new queen is not what everyone wanted, so to turn her into their ideal queen, her advisors decide to turn her into a goddess of wisdom by forcing her to undergo trials similar to what gods in their religion have gone through in order to gain wisdom. This story inspired by the fantastic In/Spectre/Kyokou Suiri, where the MC was kidnapped as a child by youkai, and asked to become their goddess at the cost of her eye and leg, due to the many legends of gods gaining wisdom by sacrificing a part of themselves. I'm still researching gods who have sacrificed a part of themselves for wisdom/power/etc. (suggestions welcome!), but I definitely want her to have one of her limbs cut off, or at least broken. I really like the idea that they passively break one of her limbs. Would something like hanging from your hand or foot for a long time cause such an injury? Taking inspiration from Odin, I'd like her tied to a tree for a prolonged time, so that's the first thing I thought of. I've looked up injuries from monkey bars, but I can only find injuries caused by falling off monkey bars. I've also searched a few pages of the comm tag 'broken bones' and through Google for broken bones through hanging from somewhere but no dice that I can find.

As for needing an amputation, I find from Google that frostbite can necessitate an amputation. Would it be possible to do something like wrap up her entire body save for one limb and leave her outside during a cold night work to make sure she survives but that her limb needs amputation?

Thanks very much for any help! Hope I've done everything right!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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