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Hospital procedures & injury to order

Hello everyone,

I need help with two medical-related scenarios. The setting for both is California, 2018.


Character: 17-year-old male, recovering addict

Scenario: He's brought to the ER with a broken wrist resulting from a fight. It's not a bad fracture and doesn't require surgery. He lets the doctor/ER staff know immediately that he's a recovering addict.

Question: In regards to pain management, would they ask him to choose whether or not he wants any opioids? Or would they ask his parents once they get there? Or would they make the decision?

Search terms I tried: various combination of keywords such as "underage", "recovering addict", "pain management", "pain medication", "hospital", "broken bone". All I seem to find is more general information on addiction and pain meds. (Which was still useful, but doesn't answer my question.)


Character: 18-year-old male, athletic, no pre-exhisting conditions

Injury to order: I need him to get hurt while playing basketball. Ideally, the injury would keep him away from the basketball field for about 6-8 weeks but he would still be able to go to school. It needs to be bad enough that college scouts would get worried about re-injury and could possibly reconsider offering him an athletic scholarship, but not so bad as to be career-ending or to keep him from playing for longer than two months. I'm thinking a broken bone or a bad sprain. I know ankles and knees are quite vulnerable in basketball, but I'm worried about recovery time.

Thank you all in advance.
Tags: usa: california, usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: injuries to order

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