Rosa (: (rosa_ghjklx) wrote in little_details,
Rosa (:

Help me name a city

I'm trying to figure out what to name a fictional city/micronation. The story is set about 150-200 years into the future and the city itself was founded a few decades from now. The exact location is not set in stone, but i'd like it to be somewhere in the Middle East.

The important part is how it came to be. Basically, a very rich guy (of Middle Eastern descent, but born and raised in Europe,although this is not super important to the story) bought the land and built the city there because he could. It more or less started out as this guy's monument to how awesome he is and I want the name to reflect that.

What I'm looking for is an Arabic (or possibly Persian, but I'd prefer Arabic) name with the connotations of beauty, strength, prosperity, a bright future, etc.
I'm not sure how to research this, besides looking at some online dictionaries.
Tags: ~languages: arabic

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