skeletonmonroe (skeletonmonroe) wrote in little_details,

What are the options for blood loss if a person can't make it to a hospital?

My character has been attacked and essentially cut/stabbed from the bottom of her breast to her hip. She was fighting for a knife, when her attacker slices her as she gives up and tries to escape. She is reluctant to go to the hospital because her attacker is also a cop and everyone knows him there and she doesn't want to have to report anything. She is able to get stitches from someone she knows is a retired nurse but are there options for the blood loss? or would she just die? I am thinking about rewriting the scene entirely.

I've tried looking up alternatives to blood transfusions, how much blood can be lost before it affects health, etc. I mostly got articles in reference to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Also anyone happen to know how long an injury of this nature might take to heal? How long before the stitches would come out? My character is a fairly healthy 17 year old girl.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~medicine: transplants/transfusions

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