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Jew living in Venice, 18th century

Hello little_details! Got a fantasy novel taking place in Venice in the 1730-40s.

I have a character who is a young Jewish man who was born and raised in Venice. I am finding all sorts of great information regarding the Jewish population pretty much from the 10th century to the end of the 17th century. But basically nothing at all for the entire 18th century, at least not until Napoleon shows up at the end. I really need some help filling in this gap. I've scoured the internet with every combination of search terms I can think of but clearly I'm missing something because I am getting next to no information for the 18th century.
Two points I'm particularly stuck on:

1) I know there were laws regarding what sorts of jobs Jews could and could not hold, and how strictly those laws were followed depended on the time period. What I've found so far in my search is leading me to think that at this particular time, those laws weren't followed to the letter, but if anyone has specific information I'd love to see it. In the current story draft, this character is going places and doing things he probably legally shouldn't; I need to know how difficult these things will be for him to accomplish/what punishment he could face.

2) On a related note, I'm finding pretty detailed information on the legally-decreed clothing items Jews were to wear in the city to mark themselves...up until the 1700's. Was it still red hats and scarves at this time, or the yellow circles, or...? And again, how strictly was this followed in this time period?
Tags: 1730-1739, 1740-1749, italy (misc), italy: history, ~religion: judaism

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