vaticideprophet (vaticideprophet) wrote in little_details,

What car does this guy have?

I need to know what car a character drives. Setting is modern US.

He's a Korean-American dermatologist in his forties living in Irvine, California -- solidly upper-middle-class. He's the sole caregiver of two daughters, age twelve and fourteen, and therefore responsible for their transit. He's a compulsive gambler who spends a lot of time in Vegas (ups the required flashiness level a bit) and going through something of a midlife crisis after his wife's death, which seems like an excellent opportunity for the classic midlife crisis car, but I worry that'd be a bit too on-the-nose. Given the Southern California context, I also wonder if he'd be driving an electric/hybrid. He's not a car guy, probably driving something well-known and that doesn't require extreme maintenance.

I've done some Googling, both on the midlife crisis topic ('midlife crisis car', 'stereotypical midlife crisis car') that led me to the conclusion it was the wrong route and on more specific topics ('most common cars in irvine ca', 'most common cars in orange county', 'upper middle class cars', 'asian american vehicle'). I also checked the most recent three pages in the ~cars tag.
Tags: usa: california, ~cars

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