little Alex (litalex) wrote in little_details,
little Alex

college level intro biology classes

What's a good college level intro biology class where the students get to dissect something in the first lab class?

My character plans to become a doctor and he goes to an unnamed college (I want to base it on Stanford University, but I went to a public university... So I actually don't know much about how it'd go...). I want him to be so ill that he threw up because he has to dissect something disgusting?

I majored in English and I did my science requirement on Chemistry. So I have no idea on college biology classes. I do remember dissecting a fetal pig back in high school, though. Would a college biology class do that, or is that too zoological or basic?

Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

ETA: Thank you so much, everyone! I changed it to a later lab session, the animal being dissected into the dog shark, and added some AP classes to the background of my character.
Tags: usa: california, usa: education: higher education, ~medicine: medical education

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