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Gunshot wound to thigh some femoral artery damage... help!

I have read all posts relative to this subject and am hoping at this point that someone can answer the few questions I have left. I've done extensive google searches and a lot of reading but I still feel confused about several items.

My main character is a police officer who is a strong, vibrant, and very athletic man. He is shot in the thigh while trying to protect a civilian informant, nicking (but not severing) his femoral artery and breaking (not shattering) his femur. The officer on the scene with him is able to apply a tourniquet and EMS has been standing by in advance of the incident (a drug sting) so are able to quickly get him to the hospital. The main focus of my plot is that 1.) he is, initially, in critical condition, but survives with a lot of luck and swift medical assistance 2.) his struggle to recover and be fully functional after this incident and 3.) and most importantly, the impact his injury and recovery has on his primary relationship.

My questions are: 1.) Is this scenario possible? I want him to be seriously, even critically injured (as experiencing this will powerfully effect his partner) but I don't want to write science fiction here. So, is a 'nick' to the femoral artery and a broken femur enough to cause severe (even critical) bleeding but still be repairable. 2.) I want him to have to work for full recovery (PT and such) but achieve it.. is THIS possible? 3.) I'm assuming three surgeries. To repair artery, to repair femur, and repair muscle damage... one after the other. Is this within the realm of the possible?

I'll be very grateful for any insight you can give me on this. Thanks so much in advance.
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