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Titles of parents in Syria

I have a slightly futuristic (set in 2065) story I'm working on with a first-generation British-Syrian character in lead. The whole family is bilingual, but the character and his siblings always address their parents in Arabic and still use a lot of Syrian terminology.

I'm looking for Syrian-used monikers for his parents that are less formal than "mother" and "father" but not as childish as "mummy and daddy". Basically, the equivalent of calling them "mum" and "dad" if they are available. (And if possible, confirmation whether Tette and/or Sitto are the correct word for grandmother for that part of the world)

Various dictionaries and language sites have provided the standard formal words for both parents in Arabic, but it's also very generic and I know it can vary slightly from country to country. During my searching I've seen father as Abu/Appi/Baba and mum as Omme/Umma/Ummi/Oma across multiple countries but never a specific one for someone from Syria.

Standard search terms include: "syrian words for family members" "arabic family titles" "syrian words for mother and father" "how to address parents in syria"

Thanks in advance :)
Tags: middle east (misc), ~languages: arabic

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