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[Anon Post] Polish and Russian Food during/just after WWII

[Mod Note (7/15/17): Your mod would like to offer a blanket apology for taking so long to post anonymous questions lately. I promise to be more on top of this.]

I have a couple of characters whose history is that they were twins from an Ashkenazi family who started out in Poland, fled to Russia in the war to escape the Nazi occupation, and then returned briefly to Poland postwar. Then in 1946 a combination of human nastiness and Weird Magic Shit happened and they ended up in a kind of really shitty fairyland for unaging years.

One of them is a girl and after the Weird Shit happens one of her coping mechanisms becomes cooking; specifically, cooking the way she learned herself, from her own mother. Food and memory go hand in hand so much; cooking the things she remembers is a way of keeping hold of her humanity and her memories of having a family. What I need to know is what kind of food that would be. I've looked at Wikipedia's articles on Polish and Ashkenazi cuisine but those are both about modern food; I need to know what kind of things would have been available in the scarcer times of the war and its aftermath. The twins were fifteen in 1946, born in 1931, so the things my character would have learned to cook would have been heavily shaped by the lean times she lived in.

This is my first time here, so I hope that I have not made any goofs!
Tags: 1940-1949, poland: food and drink, russia: food and drink

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