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Few questions, very different

Off work at mo to recover from ver minor surgery but need to know a few details for fics, i'm very very bored.

1) If someone is being held against a wall, his feet not touching the floor with someones hands (very strong person) around their neck, how long before they pass out and what kind of bruising will they have?

2) What is the normal feeling after birth (pain jokes aside)? Directly after and a few days to a week later? I know fatigue would be the main one but i was wondering about the others.

3) In the UK we have the NHS to pay for most treatments especially emergency ones, a friend of mine told me to check how the situation went in the USA. She said something about medical insurance, i knew there was no NHS but i didn't really think more after that and i need to know, specifically what would happen if a teenager was brought in repeatedly during his teenage years.

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