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[Anon Post] Arabic and Polish Profanity Translation

Hello! I am working on a novel where the main character is interacting with Sudanese refugees. The men are speaking very casually but when the situation becomes more "heated," a few insults are thrown. I would like to find a proper translation for a word like "prick" or some similar word in Arabic that would be used as an insult that men might say to other men.

I would also like a translation of "mild" Polish profanity. I want something not-so-serious, more of a joking thing young boys might say to each other.

If there's anyone who speaks Arabic that would be incredible because I have a few Arabic-speaking characters and I would love to be more specific with what words the characters might pronounce differently when they're speaking English, i.e. what words they might skip over, alter, say differently than a native English speaker.

I have googled translations of Arabic and seen "shanbora," but I would like to make sure that really means "prick"! YouSwear says it means "dick," but not sure how reliable that is and if it's really used in a slang-profanity way.

For the Polish one, I've got "krasnoludek," which google says means "troll" so I'm hoping that will work.

This is tripping me up so much in the story. You have no idea how much this would help me!
Tags: ~languages: arabic, ~languages: polish

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