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What would someone expect to eat in a Jewish household in the US around 1914?

Setting: The fanfiction I'm writing is set around 1914 in Manhattan. The main character is an Italian kid. He starts working for a Jewish man, delivering stuff for him. The employer ends up starting to care about the kid when he finds out his father his physically violent with him; he often invites him to have dinner with him and his wife, if only to give him an excuse to spend some time away from home and in a better enviroment.
Judging by the employer's name, he's of German origins. The source material doesn't specify if he moved to the US or was born there. He's wealthy enough to be able to afford paying the kid a bit more than other kids his age get for the same job and around the same area, but he's in no way a rich man.

I'm trying to figure out what the kid would eat while having dinner at his employer's household. I have absolutely no first-hand experience about this, being born and raised in Italy.

I have a good idea of what they would eat for Shabbat dinner, but that's pretty much it. What I need here is to figure out what they would have for every-day dinners.
I googled 'German-Jewish cuisine', 'German-Jewish food', watched several youtube videos about Jewish food, and tried to get an idea of what's kosher and what's not; but although I now know of several Jewish dishes, I still lack the knowledge to know what an actual, home-made dinner would be like. I don't want to select random dishes and just pile them together without knowing what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance!

Tags: 1910-1919, germany: food and drink, usa: food and drink

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