Ponee (featherfire) wrote in little_details,

Sick food in Australia

This should be an easy one, I'm hoping. What do you eat when you're sick? Or better yet, if a child/friend is sick, what might be something you could make them?

I searched "Australian comfort food" and "Australian sick food", "food for a sick person Australia" and various, but my results were kinda weird and I'm hoping to get some answers from some actual Australians. I'm hoping there'll be something I can use that isn't something I'd find in America (chicken soup, saltines, things of that nature).

Setting is present day... Japan, actually, but the non-sick character lived in Australia for several years (when he was a kid, so something his host parents would have given him).

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thank you everyone for your input! It was very much appreciated, as always. I think I'm going to go with Japanese comfort food after all, but I'll just work the Australia part into it.
Tags: australia: food and drink

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