tannasmarchat (tannasmarchat) wrote in little_details,

Looking for casual Japanese translation.

Hi.  I’m trying to find a casual translation of a greeting for a message left on an answering machine.  The characters are sisters of Japanese descent that were born and raised in contemporary America.  The younger sister has made some attempts to connect to her Japanese heritage and speaks Japanese moderately well.  Older sister knows only a handful of phrases.  The use of casual Japanese (as opposed to formal) is a type of code between them to prove identity.  (both are in high risk jobs)   Unfortunately, my Japanese is limited to what I picked up from Anime and NHKWorld.   I know not to trust Google Translate, and the other translations I can find do not combine the words. 

The greeting (from younger sister to older sister) that I am trying to translate is “Afternoon, Sis.” 
Tags: ~languages: japanese

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