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[Anon Post] Places to dump a body near Chicago, faking accident

Setting: Chicago, present day. I'm thinking this event happens right around Memorial Day weekend, but I can adjust that if needed.

I'm writing a book where crooks take a dead guy and dump him on an isolated hiking trail, making the death look like an accident. The dump needs to happen in the daytime - between around 9 am to 1 pm on a work day. It's raining that day.

What I need: an isolated wilderness area that has steep and or slippery paths with things like rock formations or rocky outcrops/canyon walls or just lots of large rocks - so that someone dying after slipping and hitting his head is believable. It would be best if the crooks don't need to show ID when arriving at the park/trail entrance.

Research so far: Googled hiking trails near Chicago, places to hike near Chicago, least crowded hiking trails near Chicago, Challenging hiking trails near Chicago. I looked at the websites for Starved Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park and Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, but these areas are popular/crowded.

I also Googled places where bodies have been dumped Chicago. Came up with Humboldt Park - not a rugged wilderness area, so not suitable.

Extra details about the death: guy fell backwards during a struggle and hit his head on the edge/top of a short (think waist height) concrete wall. There was bleeding into and around the brain. He died within minutes. I'm going with a closed head wound (mo mess at the scene).
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