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[Anon Post] Effects of 10 years of torture and torturing

I'm planning to write for an OC in a Yu-Gi-Oh Season 4 fanfiction. It starts at the beginning of the Season itself, directly after the Great Leviathan (one of the Original Series' two Evil Gods (in the Anime at least)) is temporarily driven off, meaning for fans who know of this point in the Anime that it's set in Domino City, Japan, in the nighttime. Yugi and his friends hear someone crying out for help right after the above event and it turns out to be my OC torturing someone.

My OC's name is Apollo. He's been possessed by Zorc Necrophades (the OTHER, canon Evil God) and Exodia in the form of the Exodia Necross card since the age of five. The fic is called More than One Face.

To reveal SOME of Apollo's past and character without going over the character limit, Apollo was raised form Ages 6-8 by an adoptive family for two years and then tortured by them (his first was violently knifed by one of their number, among other things that happened that night) at the age of 9 until after he turned 10. They turned out to be a cult dedicated to Zorc and world destruction, so raising and then torturing him was For the Evulz and to make him hate the world enough to want to destroy it like they do. The methods included and thus far are limited to: Psychic Assault, Electric Torture, Starvation, and being violently knifed like his first family. He blew this second "family" up before the end of the year.

He became a torturer himself at the age of 12, his methods being burning people in various ways and to varying extents, and beating them to a bloody pulp, with both usually being combined. He only tortures people who've done immoral things and/or have attempted to do immoral things themselves, and he enjoys it. He DOES care whether or not there are innocent onlookers because he doesn't want to traumatize innocent people after the first time it happened. He also wants his victims to show remorse for their crimes, to the point that they're willing to change, or at least make a good effort.

Apollo's 15 years old by the start of the story, and of course, Zorc's been slowly driving him insane. Apollo has demonic delusions, which help him more "naturally" enjoy the torture he inflicts. Zorc reinforces his demonic delusions, makes him hallucinate, and generally tries to get him to kill again. When Zorc's the one making Apollo hallucinate/it's not his own mind, Zorc specifically makes him hallucinate the people he cares/cared about, ALWAYS with a negative component.

Overall, Apollo's Conflicted, Broken, Disturbed, Traumatized, Childish, Impulsive, Distrustful, Stubborn, Bitter, Hateful, Fearful, Hypocritical, Hopeful, and Helpless.

My question is: What mental disorder(s) would someone have after the above and with the above characteristics?

Of course, there's the demonic delusions, the hallucinations, and he also has PTSD, flashbacks included. I'm thinking either Psychotic Depression or Undifferentiated Schizophrenia for psychotic disorders, given the delusions, hallucinations, and the fact that he hates himself. Not just for what he currently does, either. I suppose it largely comes down to whether or not Apollo believes his delusions and/or hallucinations are real? I researched others and basically went through a process of elimination, but I may well have erred by doing so or maybe none of my choices actually fit. As for fire setter categories, I did some research on that, too, and I've also been told that Apollo would be in the Troubled category, which as far as I've researched is NOT the same as Pyromania.


I researched NAMI on Psychosis, Early Psychosis and Psychotic Depression, NIMH on PTSD and Schizophrenia, Mayoclinic on PTSD causes, Webmd on Major Depression, APA on different fire setter types, MedlinePlus on Psychotic Disorders, Youtube on Delusions and Psychotic Depression, and Mentalhealthdaily on Undifferentiated Schizophrenia causes. Among others.

If I'm contradicting myself or need to put in more information, please let me know. If anyone feels the need to send me a PM, my account name is Shadowking2015.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd, ~torture

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