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Popular watch brands in '60s America?

Hullo, all.

This detail is the littlest of the little, but there's no harm in checking if my facts are right...

A story of mine takes place in the 1960s, with a young-ish librarian from a decently well-off family as one of the main characters. One of her quirks is that she's always checking her watch, so as a bit of period-flavoring I want to mention a specific brand. After way more Googling than was probably warranted, I settled on giving her a Bulova - does this sound off to anyone who actually lived through the '60s?

(I went through several pages on "the most famous fictional watches" and whatnot, but most of them were about zillion-dollar Bond watches like Rolex and Omega, which are a bit out of the character's price-range. Adding words like "cheap" or "affordable" tended to get me digital watches, which obviously don't jibe with the timeframe...)
Tags: 1960-1969, usa (misc), ~jewelry

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