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Ariss Tenoh

Question: town with open land near London?

Hi, I am writing a story set in modern day UK/alternate history with dragons, and would like to know which town near London would a relatively middle-class family live in? With the caveat that it must have some open land/green space/fores(?) for the dragon.

Possible matches on google search turned up: Kettering-Northamptonshire and Sittingbourne-Kent. Would these do? Or is it a big mistake?^^

EDIT: The background on the family in the story:

a family of 3, 4 if you count the dragon. Father is a lawyer who commutes to London, while mother is a history teacher at a nearby school. Daughter is the dragon's "companion" and is currently working on Phd thesis. I'm assuming they are relatively well in terms of finances, they are a white family. Father is British, mother is half-American/half-British.

I'm trying to find a good address for them near London. Where the father and daughter can commute to work and university, while the dragon of course can't enter London. Looking for an area where there's some open space or common land where ideally the dragon would be able to sleep or rest, since no house would be big enough to accommodate him.

The dragons are sentient but are sort of an oppressed minority being used chiefly for war throughout the ages, and the Church and religious men questioning if the dragons have souls or are descended from the serpent in the garden of eden. Since it's an alternate history/pseudo-modern world, I don't want to invent too much.
Tags: uk: london, uk: public transportation

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