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Aftereffects of a fire a few years later

Setting: modern-day London, around Elephant and Castle.

My character lives in a house (4-5 bedrooms, terraced housing) which had a fire in a ground-floor room a few years earlier, because someone didn't pay close enough attention to their candles and the curtains caught fire. The room's occupant fought the fire (with help from other residents) so the damage was minimal, although someone outside the house broke the window trying to get in and help. The room is still able to be lived in and the house didn't sustain any structural damage.

How likely is it that there would be any physical aftereffects that long after the fire? And what sort? (Basically, I need some.) Any kind of lingering smoke smell would be helpful, though not if that's going to cause illness in the new resident. Physical reminders are ideal.

This is the sort of place where the landlord is going to do the bare minimum. There *will* be a fire blanket in the kitchen and at least one extinguisher per floor as a result of this, and there would have been a slapdash redecorating job afterwards, including a replacement window. But not a lot of time or money would have been spent.

I've found some interesting stuff online - such as this article about smoke damage:

And another noting that if water was used to put out the fire, there could be mould issue as early as 48 hours later. Sounds like sooty smoke smells in carpet could also be common. The problem is that I've not been able to find anything specifically about long-term effects.

Any thoughts, including personal experiences along these lines, welcomed!
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