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Emergency overdose procedures and shot by a crossbow

I have some questions about two unrelated scenes from the same novel. The setting is current day AU-USish.

Scenario 1:
My character (S - 15 year old girl, probably about 100 pounds? 5'4") overdoses on recreational drugs. Her sister (20 years old) finds her convulsing on her bed, foaming at the mouth (this detail can be changed if inconsistent with what she took). She calls emergency services. She doesn't know what S took, or how much, but she is able to give them a list of drugs she knows her sister regularly takes. What she actually took was likely a combination of speed/amphetamines and coocaine (or rather, their in-universe equivalents), likely snorted. Her sister finds the bags the drugs were in, but doesn't know enough about those kind of drugs to determine anything. When the EMTs get there, what exactly would they do?

searched: emergency procedure drug overdose, EMT response active overdose, cocaine overdose, overdose cocaine/speed... all I've been able to determine is that procedure varies by case depending on a number of factors, but I haven't been able to find any details about specific cases to at least have something to go on.

Scenario 2:
My character (19 year old male in good health, decently fit but not very muscular) is shot four times in the back with a crossbow. From about 20 feet away, uphill. His assailant doesn't hit his spine or any major organs (I'm figuring this is just freak luck, I'm not even sure if it's plausible? and please tell me if it's not) but I need to know what kind of damage would be done to his back, how long his recovery time would be, care once he comes home from the hospital, etc. I read something in my searches about expandable tips, is it possible to use these without completely destroying his back? I need a long recovery time, the need for physical therapy, and occasional "bad days" where his back locks up and puts him back in bed until it decides to behave again... but not permanent, debilitating damage like paralysis. Is this situation at all plausible? The weapon being a crossbow is fairly important, but I can change it if absolutely necessary.

EDIT: I am dumb and forgot to mention that this character (K) is shielding his boyfriend (I) from being shot and pushes him up against a tree. I thought crossbow bolts were too short to go through one and into the other (at least at that distance, apparently 20 feet is not as large a distance as I thought), am I wrong?

searched: crossbow injuries, shot with a crossbow, accidental shot with a crossbow
I've watched some unpleasant hunting videos and read a couple personal accounts of being accidentally shot... but only once, and never in the back.

Thanks in advance, I'm sorry if I'm dumb and uninformed and suck at google.
Tags: ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: overdose

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