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The Doctor

Paperwork/trust fund questions

Modern-day London. I have two siblings who have trust funds. I know nothing about this sort of thing, and Googling is just confusing me. If anyone could concoct a reasonable scenario that matches/accommodates everything below, I'd be awfully grateful.

- they're both in their 30s (32 and 38, respectively).
- they've used trust fund money for school/university and to buy their own London flats, and have more than enough left over not to have to worry about day-to-day money issues.
- the trusts were established by their grandfather, now deceased.
- I need a legitimate reason for one sibling to require the other sibling to come round and sign some documents relating to the trust(s). They then need an excuse to deliver said documents to their parents.

Other things could be added in if necessary (such as, if this paperwork would only be needed for some major expenditure, I could create one).

I was assuming that because they're in their 30s, they'd have full control over the money, but it sounds as though this might not necessarily be the case, depending on the terms when the trust was set up. Might it be possible for them to share a single trust fund, rather than have separate ones? Could their parents be trustees?

Thanks very much!
Tags: uk (misc), ~inheritance
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