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[Anon Post] Appropriate Camel-to-Person Ratio

My story takes place in a fantasy setting that is very similar to the Saharan Desert. My MC is a nomad, and a camel herder by trade. He and his brothers and sister own roughly a hundred camels, and move them between various markets, pastures, and watering holes as needed.

My question is, can four people effectively control a hundred large animals? How many people would it take to herd a hundred camels? I'm aware that most people on LJ probably don't have a lot of experience with camels, but would that be enough people to move and protect a hundred cows or horses? I'm willing to add more family members, or decrease the size of the herd if a hundred is just way too many. What's the appropriate camel to camel-herd ratio?

I've tried googling "controlling large herds", "how many men to control a herd of 100 cattle/camels", and simply "camel herding" and "camel herd". I found a lot of information on camel care and behavior, and camel herding's cultural impact, which was very helpful, but no breakdown of the numbers.

Thank you!
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