Streetlamp Lucozade (orange_fell) wrote in little_details,
Streetlamp Lucozade

[Anon Post] Prison Life in the 1930s, Philadelphia USA

Posting for my husband.

Setting: Philadelphia, PA 1930-32. (Eastern State Penitentiary preferred)

He's looking for any information about daily life in prison, food, racial segregation, etc--or at least sources or a place to start looking. Book titles OK if you know a good one.

He looked at the ESP website, but says the links aren't very informative (and doesn't even recommend a single book in their book section). Google searches have come up blank, with modern results, or about the prison reform movement that started just after this time period. He knows about the Hawes-Cooper Act, various prison escapes, and other important events, but not the daily routine.

Thanks, all!
Tags: 1930-1939, usa: government: prison, usa: pennsylvania, ~prison (misc)
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