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Director's Box at the Mariinsky Theatre?

I'm trying to decide which box at the Mariinsky Theatre (old stage) could be permanently allocated to an extremely respected and famous retired ballet dancer, who comes (usually by himself) to watch performances most nights. He's elderly, so something close to the stage where he can see better would be ideal. I don't want to give him the Tsar's box, but have been looking at the boxes closest to the front in the dress circle or the stalls circle (benoire?). From pictures, they look fancier than the other ones -- do they have a name like "director's box"? Would the theatre be prepared to give one up for a distinguished patron's exclusive use? The dress circle ones look to be double height -- is that right? The retired dancer isn't interested in prestige or grandeur, but would like a little privacy, so the stalls circle box could be fine. How many people do these boxes seat? Looks like 6...

I've been googling "Mariinsky theatre plan", "director's box, Mariinsky theatre", "view from boxes in Mariinsky theatre", "best seats in Mariinsky theatre" etc...

Thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: russia (misc), ~architecture, ~arts: ballet, ~theater

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