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[Anon Post] Sphenoid Bone Trauma

[Very sorry this is late, anon! Happy holidays from me. --Orange Fell]

The Setting: A psychiatric hospital ward community room in Colorado Springs in the present day.

The Scenario: A patient has been left behind in the chaos of a quick evacuation on the advent of a zombie apocalypse. He encounters a zombie, who was a technician who worked at the hospital. After a brief fight involving a card table, the patient gouges the zombie through the eye with a detached table leg.

The Problem: Once the table leg reaches the sphenoid bone behind the eye, I don't know how much force is required to crush, break, or otherwise pierce the sphenoid to access and mangle the brain. My character is disabled. Consequently, the amount of force he can apply to the table leg is limited. If breaking the sphenoid takes massive strength, he won't be able to do it.

The Research: I began a search on "Orbit (Anatomy)" on Wikipedia to locate the name of the appropriate bone. I then tried the following searches on Google:

* Sphenoid bone thickness
* Thickness of sphenoid bone
* Sphenoid fractures
* Sphenoid punctures
* What does it take to break the sphenoid
* Break psi of sphenoid

I am not entirely confident in my search terms, and have a slight learning disability that affects my comprehension.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: injuries: head injuries, ~zombies

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