Nomad (nomadicwriter) wrote in little_details,

Car vs. Iron Gate Collision Question

The situation is this: a car, driving along at probably about thirty-five miles an hour, makes a sudden swerve to avoid a child, and crashes straight into a wrought iron gate. I'm thinking something similar to this, but a single gate rather than two. Possibly in a fairly rusty condition.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of damage it would do to the gate (and to a lesser extent the car, but that's not so important to the scene). Specifically, I'd really like to know whether the metal bars would be likely to bend under the impact, or if they could actually break. If the gate's fairly well secured - probably with a bolt going into the ground, like the picture - would it be likely to be ripped off its hinges? Also, any info on what sort of (preferably minor) injuries the driver might sustain from that kind of collision would be helpful.

I can't quite figure out how to wring the information out of Google, since what happens to the actual gates isn't usually priority reporting in a car crash. So if anybody's seen a similar collision - or just knows enough about the strength of rusty wrought iron to theorise - any kind of info on how it might play out would be very helpful. Thanks.
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