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Skin condition to order (modern-day London, possibly drug-related)

Setting: modern-day London

I have a minor character who's the local drug dealer. I need him to have some kind of skin condition.

- It can't be something like a port wine stain which is simply a birthmark, or a symptom of something serious like cancer; it has to be something which could, theoretically, be cleared up with the use of topical creams/ointments. (I'm not saying that any characters would know whether it could be cleared up or not, just that someone without medical knowledge would look at it and say 'hey, you should talk to your GP [doctor] about getting something to put on that'.)

- It needs to be long-term. However, given his lifestyle, he is not talking to his GP about it, so it could be something that might easily be cleared up, but that he just isn't dealing with.

- It doesn't matter whether it's contagious or not, since no one wants to touch him or get near him anyway!

- It needs to appear on his face. Other parts of his body are also fine, but the face is essential. More specifically, it needs to appear on only one side of his face. (A tiny bit on his other side is okay.)

- It has to be large enough that it's immediately noticeable, to the extent where he's referred to along the lines of 'the guy with [description] on his face'.

- It needs to be very obviously something that's not a common facial skin condition, so not 'really bad acne' (even though acne can be a side effect of heroin use) or rosacea.

- Anything that is known to develop because of/be exacerbated by long-term drug use would be a bonus. However, I do NOT want to go down the crystal meth route, and this factor is not essential; he could just be a scary guy who happens to have bad skin.

I've looked around the internet (as much as I could stand!), both for skin conditions on their own and skin conditions caused by drug use. This page had many options:

It seems like psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, or ichthyosis vulgaris might be my best options, so any thoughts about those would be welcomed, or any other possibilities!

Thanks very much.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: illnesses to order
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