moon_custafer (moon_custafer) wrote in little_details,

Possible Resource for Early 20th-c New York Tenement Life

If you can't visit the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in person, there's still some interesting stuff on their blog, including this link to NYPD historical crime scene photos from the pre-WWI era, which the Museum used as reference for one of the homes they refurbished (since crime scene photos show homes that haven't been tidied up for visitors): "So we grit our teeth, study the dead, leave out the blood splatter and take note of what’s on the dresser."
Tags: #resources, 1860-1869, 1870-1879, 1880-1889, 1890-1899, 1900-1909, 1910-1919, usa: history (misc), usa: new york: new york city, ~forensics (misc), ~immigration

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