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Abdominal puncture (that looks worse than it is) to order

Setting: Modern day (Teen Wolf and Marvel Cinematic universes)

Summary: At two different points in my story, two characters get abdominal stab wounds - an adult male super-soldier in his late 20's, then a female teenaged child-soldier a few months later. I need a lower-left abdominal stab wound that would take an average, adult human male ~4-6 months to recover from, and which would need some form of surgery to fix. The worse it looks, the better, as this will be caught on video and go viral. I also need to know what life-preserving measures his teammates will take while in the field. The second stabbing victim's friends have seen the video, and will clumsily copy the life-saving efforts demonstrated in it when she is stabbed, and they keep her alive until help arrives.


My goal is that my first character (Steve Rogers, the male soldier in his late 20's), while fighting in a semi-public place, gets pierced by something in his gut. It looks very bad, but he lives and even recovers somewhat quickly. However, the video of the incident goes viral.

The second stabbing is this scene:

[Allison Argent stabbing - slightly graphic gif]

This second stabbing will narratively reflect the first one, so I do want Steve's stabbing to be in approximately the same location on his body as Allison's.

My main concern for this post is Steve's stabbing, though, not Allison's.

How can I stab him in the lower-left abdomen in a way that he wouldn't die from, but would take a well-muscled, late-20's male several months to recover from? And while he is in the middle of the fight, how would his comrades - especially one with field medical training - take care of him before he gets evacuated?

The fight will most likely take place in a construction yard, so there will be lots of material lying around. I'll probably have him stabbed with some rebar, but I'm open to other ideas (especially since his girlfriend was impaled in her lower-left abdomen with rebar in her own show, so I'd like to avoid repetition). My only other idea is that someone with a really big/sharp knife manages to land a lucky hit.

The character I'm stabbing, Steve, actually has a rapid healing ability, so something that might take an average human 4-6 months to recover from, will take him about 4-6 weeks (which is my ultimate goal). And while I assume this is a given for an abdominal stab wound, I also need him to be operated on internally, sedated and unconscious on the table, for plot reasons. (I need him to be unable to make a decision involving experimental sedatives, so his adoptive family - a teenager and a smallish-town sheriff - have to make it for him.)

I also really want to know what his teammates would do to take care of him in the middle of the fight. This will also be captured on video, and thus seen by the friends of the second stabbing victim (Allison, the teenage girl). When she is stabbed about 3-4 months later, these friends will mimic both what they saw in the video and heard about the event, and thus they will save her. (Apart from one veterinary assistant, these teenagers don't have any kind of medical training or supernatural transferrable healing abilities, so their primary source of knowledge on how to help their friend is what they learned from Steve's stabbing.)

I did a lot of poking around in various medical websites, as well as here on this comm (including, ironically enough, one of my own posts from 6 years ago). I found another post here on little_details about someone getting stabbed in the spleen, and that suggested a really nice timeline: in an average human, ~6 weeks for healing the initial wound, then 4-6 months for returning to previous level of fitness (in Steve, that would mean about a week or two for initial healing, then around a month for returning to previous fitness). But all of that was for a spleen being ultimately removed. Would that sort of timeline still apply for a spleen that is cut or injured, but ultimately still left in place? Or would stabbing the spleen necessitate a splenectomy?

For a lower ab stab wound, my research suggests that if he survives long enough to get medical treatment (which he will), then the biggest problem would be infection from the punctured intestines. Would an intestinal/lower-abdomen injury fit the bill of a 4-6 month recovery time (on a normal human), or should I stick to the spleen injury? Will a 4-6 month recovery timeline even apply to an injured spleen, or only a removed one? In which case, what stab wound would take 4-6 months in a normal human (and thus ~1-2 months on this guy) to heal? Which one would be closest to the stabbing depicted in the gif above?

And out of all the options, which would look worst when caught on camera?
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