The Doctor (pisica) wrote in little_details,
The Doctor

What's in the bin/trash at a greasy spoon in north London?

I literally don't know how to research this (apart from going to this sort of place and rummaging through their trash, but I don't have anything equivalent nearby - the one place I could think of became some stupid trendy cafe, boo).

It's pretty much a greasy spoon, or the UK equivalent. This sort of place:

I need the waitress to throw something away in the bin near the front counter, and the character to remove it a little while later. I don't know what would likely be in the bin, since I'm assuming all food waste would be dealt with when plates were returned to the kitchen, as well as things like used napkins, and empty food containers would be in the kitchen too.

So would it be, I don't know, receipts people left behind, dead pens, empty bottles of spray stuff for the tables? Also, if it's not meant for food, would it likely be a small plastic tub-type of bin rather than something tall with a foot pedal?

I've done a lot of customer service work, but never in food service, so I'm drawing a complete blank here. Thanks for any suggestions!
Tags: uk: food and drink, uk: london, ~restaurants & pubs
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