Cassie (cassie_faith) wrote in little_details,

Late pregnancy miscarriage

My character is a healthy 17-year-old female who will experience a miscarriage at 18 weeks gestation in present day America. Between all my Google research, each mother seemed to have their own unique experiences, so I can't draw much for standard procedure. This need has brought me here.

The fetus will be passed at home and then female will be transported to a hospital via ambulance. I need an idea of what American EMTs, hospital staff, and other medical personnel do for routine treatment in this situation (medication given/offered, admittance/overnight observation, how long mother is kept if admitted, etc.). Also I need some idea of what services the hospital may offer to take care of the fetus' body (burial, cremation, etc.).  

Further details: Character resides in NYC. Family is well off financially.

What was searched: Different varations with the terms "miscarriage at 18 weeks + hospital procedure" and looked through the medical tags here. Learned a lot, but found nothing directly helpful.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If more info is needed, please ask. Thank you. 
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: reproduction

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