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Northern Lights in Arkhangelsk

I'm trying to find out how often the aurora borealis can be seen from Arkhangelsk. About once a year? A few times a year? Once every few years?

This site proves is does happen:

And this site suggests the Northern Light are visible from Arkhangelsk whenever the aurora activity is "high":

I'm stil not sure about the frequency though. I've been searching things like "can you see the Northern Lights from Arkhanglesk?" and "how often can you see the Northern Lights in Arkhangelsk?" and just "Northern Lights in Arkhangelsk", but I'd love to get some input from Arkhangelsk locals and/or anyone who has ever seen the Northern Lights there.

Bonus points for some specific years/dates when they were visible there ( suggests 1st March 2011). I'm interested in the range any time 1990 to present.

For context, I'm wondering how familiar my Arkhanglesk-raised protagonist is with the Northern Lights.

Thanks & спасибо!
Tags: russia (misc), ~climate/weather, ~science: astronomy

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